We’re excited to share news that the Public Beta of Universal Analytics is here. While we’ve been discussing it internally since a private release about six months ago to GA Certified Partners at a meeting in Mountainview, the value has been clear the whole time –“your data,” now linked to GA data you know. In slightly more technical terms –we can extend the record on each user interaction to include many things that GA _doesn’t measure_ today.

The benefits of using Universal Analytics to businesses are:

  • Seeing how customers engage with your business across various devices and touch-points, including POS/ in-store and other offline data sources that can now be linked to your GA browse data
  • Connecting sales calls that originated, or correlated with online activity for analysis of online & phone call interaction
  • Insights into the performance of your mobile apps (Google’s tech spec on tracking mobile apps )
  • Improved performance on your site by reducing client-side overhead (stuffing custom variables, and other Javascript heavy approaches power users of GA sometimes use)
  • Improvements of lead generation and ROI by incorporating offline and online interactions so you can understand which channels drive the best results,

We are already working on implementations of Universal Analytics across many events, and will be sharing much more shortly. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll share updates here on our blog. If you need more information about Universal Analytics, call us, we love talking about and working with customers to make data turn to action.