Endai in PROMO Magazine

Havaianas Email Marketing First Place

Campaign: Havaiana’s
Client: Alpargatas USA/Havaianas
Agency: Endai Worldwide

Premium beachwear company Havaianas wanted to e-market to its house list of more than 55,000 but wanted to protect its brand by making sure those e-mails were recognizable, seasonally relevant and valuable to the recipients.

Agency Endai Worldwide designed an e-mail template that permitted switching out background image, text and product shots while retaining an overall look and feel, aiding customer recognition of the messages (and incidentally reducing the cost of creative.)

Endai decided to mail every two weeks on a Tuesday and tested various subject lines for personalization and general info vs. specific offers. Each e-mail carried an incentive to click through to the Havaianas US Web site, ranging from 10% an item to free shipping, either on all orders or those of 3 items or more. Since the offers were limited, Endai had to be creative with the message to avoid looking like spam to readers.

By several metrics, the campaign was a big success. About 23% of customers who got an e-mail came back the Havaianas US Web site within a month of their previous visit, compared to on 8.6% of site visitors overall. E-mail recipients also converted at the site at a 3.9% rate, higher than the site’s total conversion rate of 2.23%.