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FullView Analytics

The search ecosystem has changed. The 3 larger ecosystems are paid, organic and local search, the LocalPak being the largest of the three. Organic search performance using Google Analytics misses 90% of search responses today as conversions can be made through the LocalPak.

Endai Labs developed the FullView Methodology. Through which, we can measure the impact of organic search through LocalPak organic searches –impressions, driving directions, click to call, and click to the website. Our proprietary FullView System ingests all that data and gives us the best optics to get the best value out of the search ecosystem.

Customer Intelligence

Endai Labs sought to unlock the intelligence of what we call the “Buyer Genome” for marketers. BuyerGenomics solves problems that stifle marketers ability to “see” and act on both opportunities and problems customer data can highlight when their data is not in a purpose specific marketing database with analytics capabilities.

Organic Search R&D

It’s impossible to do A/B tests with SEO. How can you figure out what truly works?

Endai Labs uses distinct strategic thinking to tackle this problem. Endai Labs tested Local Image Optimization through incremental implementation on several of our client’s business location webpages and reported against the rest.  Being able to create unique images for each location, on your webpage, results in increased online visibility.


 We leverage one of our Javascript libraries, called PlayBook.js which enables:

    1. A lot less manual & costly coding & quicker implementation,

    2. Enables custom/high value event tracking without coding & maintenance

    3. Far less potential for bugs –we get calls through the Google relationship that turn out to be buggy GTM installs every week

This makes it EFFORTLESS for our clients to track the MOST important events on the website, without the need of a developer even when new content/pages are added.

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