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How much are you executing a deliberate strategy and achieving specific goals and objectives? How much are You “winging” it,” and what’s the cost of that now and over time?

PlayBook Helps Marketers to Methodically and Consistently Build Their Businesses. See how PlayBook Acquire, Convert and Grow can help you achieve scale.

PlayBook Acquire

While the techniques and “buzz” change constantly, step one in the online marketing process never does… target the right prospects to increase the probability that your marketing gets the desired response, which culminates in greater awareness, engagement, sales and market share.

PlayBook begins with a comprehensive analysis of not only your traffic, but what your competition is doing. Integrated with a management discussion of your business, we’ll develop a clear picture of the economic value that various sources of online prospective customers (aka “traffic”) have to your business.

With that as the lens, we’ll begin a structured, logical process for generating internet traffic to your website, benchmarking the financial performance and brand value of that traffic, and creating a model to scale your sales and share online.

With PlayBook Acquire… you’re never just buying ad media… we’re investing carefully to create mathematical certainty around acquiring customers. While it’s hard to find an internet marketing company that wouldn’t agree with this notion, it’s a lot harder to find one that’s done it successfully hundreds of times, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

PlayBook Convert

You are spending valuable resources to get traffic to your website. What are you doing to convert that “traffic” to “customers”? Do your customers buy the first time they touch your company or do they attempt to validate their buying decision by understanding your competitors’ offers as well as yours? If your customers are like most consumers, they take advantage of the ease of the internet to expand their consideration set to ensure that they get the best value available.

Statistically speaking, we know that the application of PlayBook Convert produces a higher percentage of sales and a greater customer experience for your prospects. PlayBook Convert focuses on understanding the behavior of your website visitors and executing online marketing experiments for the purpose of producing more and higher actions of value from your website visitors. PlayBook Convert takes the buyers readiness to buy into consideration as well.

Today, more than any time in the past, you have to “earn” the buyer’s confidence. You have to clearly articulate your competitive advantages through personal, relevant and timely communications and messaging.

For a large percentage of your potential buyers, this won’t happen on the first visit to your website- it happens over time, through follow up messaging which works to create awareness and trust of your brand and value proposition. You are competing for the hearts and minds of distracted buyers. This fact requires that you create an optimal buying experience on your website and a plan for nurturing prospects to convert them to a sale over time.

PlayBook Grow

PlayBook Grow is all about increasing and extending the lifetime value of your current customers. In other words, PlayBook Grow is used to increase Average Order Size, Order Frequency and the length of your company’s relationship with your customers.

Similar to PlayBook Convert, PlayBook Grow is focused on nurturing your customer and creating an environment that makes it easy to do business with your company and makes your value proposition the obvious choice. PlayBook Grow leverages the amount of time your prospects and customers spend in their inboxes. Through highly targeted, relevant messaging, we use email to communicate with your prospects and customers based on their preferences and behaviors.

In other words, we leverage the information that you know about your customers, such as products previously purchased, to communicate with them in a meaningful and engaging way. It’s no surprise that this approach deepens the relationship with customers, creates brand ambassadors and generates more sales for your company. Most importantly, PlayBook makes it simple, scalable and profitable.

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