There’s a lot changing with Google Analytics right now. It can be overwhelming, but below is a list of the most frequent questions that we have received from our Client Partners.

What is GA4?

GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics. GA4 was released in late 2020 under the name of App + Web. Since then Google has quit making improvements to Universal Analytics and has devoted all of their effort to getting GA4 up and running.

How big is this update? 

This update is much bigger than the updates that Google has been releasing over the past 10-15 years. This is a paradigm shift for Google. It will require significant planning and a new implementation. This update is not something to overlook or rush.

What are the biggest changes coming with GA4? 

There are so many changes coming with GA4. We won’t be able to list them all in this FAQ guide, but below is a list of the most notable changes:

GA4 is event-based instead of session-based like Universal Analytics. The idea of a session as we know it has more or less disappeared with GA4. Now everything from the start of a session to a pageview will be considered events.

Event categories, actions, and labels are now “event parameters”. Now you will name the event and will be able to pass data about the event through as parameters. You are allowed 25 different parameters per event on the free version of Google Analytics and 100 on New GA360.

There are no more views in GA4. Google has released the ability to create custom reports that can be added to the left-hand navigation to make finding this data easier for users in the interface. 

What other changes should be expected in GA4?

Aside from the most notable changes above, there are many others — including but not limited to:

  • A re-engineered user interface
  • Google’s machine learning and data modeling plays a much larger role
  • Deprecated Metrics are being replaced, for example bounce rate.

Simply put, everything is changing and you should expect there to be a learning curve for you and your team. The marketers with foresight have already started to ensure they are Making Success Inevitable when July 1st, 2023 comes.

Do I have to migrate versions? 

Yes, you will have to migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google has publicly stated that all standard Universal Analytics (GA3) properties will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023 and all 360 level Universal Analytics properties will stop collecting data on October 1, 2023. 

Can I run GA4 and Universal Analytics (GA3) on the same website?

Yes! We would strongly recommend doing this.

Our recommendation is to useUniversal Analytics as your main analytics platform while you are collecting comp data with GA4. 

Will I still be able to see my historical data?

You will be able to see your historical data in your Universal properties for at least 6 months after the sunset date. 

After that period, you will no longer have access to your historical data.

How do I migrate to GA4?

Here is what you should consider when migrating to GA4.

Start by creating a new GA4 property, (remember: it will not have historical data). Do this step first and begin collecting traffic data as soon as you can.  You can add in events, goals and commerce data shortly after.

Now that views will no longer be available, your account structure will need to be re-considered for GA4.

Renaming and/or restructuring your current event tracking to adhere to the new event parameter structure in GA4.

Because the interface will look different, you will likely need time to adjust and/or train team members to get them comfortable with pulling the data they are now in Universal Analytics.

Will Google be releasing additional features?

Google will continue to release new features as the year progresses. As more features are released, Endai will continue to add content to our blog, send you emails that cover the latest changes. To make sure you find out first, subscribe here.

What is Endai doing to prepare for GA4?

Endai has field-proven GA4 solutions that have been implemented and evolved for performance. We customize every solution to fit each unique brand’s needs.

What Do Endai Solutions Look Like 

The Starter Solution 

Designed specifically for small businesses, we supply all necessary expertise to set up and configure GA4 for a seamless migration.

The ‘Perfect Parity’ Solution 

We strategically evaluate current tracking and then  set up tracking to mirror (as closely as possible) what is currently set up in your Universal Analytics (GA3). 

Training is included so you understand the full benefits of a smarter implementation. This option is ideal for those that don’t have the bandwidth to do it internally or are not confident with the all new GA4 platform just yet.

The Premium Program 

Marketing leaders who wish to not only upgrade to GA4, but take the opportunity to re-think and refresh their analytics strategy, reporting capabilities, and leverage all of their customer data assets.

Go well beyond achieving parity and develop new analytics expertise and enhance the data driven culture. After a meticulous process taking all key stakeholder needs into consideration, and a new optimal install for your organization 

You also get a robust opportunity analysis uncovering and pinpointing missed sales opportunities, and macro/micro conversion improvement opportunities.