Optimizing your website for top placement in the major search engines is probably worth your time. However, with all of the available optimization tools, there’s no need to guess.  As a side note, the very nature of online marketing eliminates the necessity for guessing.  If you are guessing about your next online marketing move, you should stop and contact an authorized Internet Marketing Company.  It will save you time and money.

Back to search engine optimization.  Start with the free online tools:

1. Use a keyword tool to determine the most popular keywords for your business.  Basically, you are looking for highly relevant, highly search keywords. Google’s keyword tool is a good place to start.  Now you know which keywords are being used to find your products and services.

2. Determine where your site is showing up in the major search engines for the keywords that you have determined to be of high value based on step 1.  For this step, you can use a tool like WebCEO.

You now know two very important pieces of information: What people are searching for and where you are showing up in those searches.

If you are not page 1, position 1 for every keyword that you determined to be relevant for your site, you have some work to do.

I will follow up this post with the next steps for implementing an optimization program.