Email marketing, at first glance, seems simple and straightforward, and unfortunately, is often an afterthought for many marketers. However, when applied correctly, email marketing can be an incredibly cost effective means of dramatically increasing revenue. An Internet Marketing Company, such as Endai Worldwide, that specializes in email marketing can help increase the medium’s effectiveness with effective planning.

No marketing message is effective if placed before the wrong audience. Database building is an important part of many marketing efforts, but it is absolutely essential for email marketing. Start building a mailing list by collecting email addresses from current customers and website visitors. Today, few are reluctant to provide an email address and the heads-up will help the upcoming messages avoid the junk folder. Having the initial message contain an incentive for forwarding to friends or providing other’s email addresses will quickly build a healthy mailing list.

Equally important is to continue collecting data from the results of the first blast. Did the potential customer follow the call to action, read the call to action or delete the email unopened? All three require a different response in the next cycle. A follow-up thank you message with another call to action is appropriate for the recipient who followed the first call to action whereas the potential customer who only read the email marketing message needs a stronger incentive to complete the initial call to action. A strong incentive located in the subject of the email marketing message is necessary for the recipient who simply deleted the original message.

Another sign of thoughtful planning is to have new additions to the mailing list begin with the initial message of the campaign instead of receiving campaignsin medias res to allow each recipient to receive the entire campaign start to finish.

As in any marketing campaign, follow the rules of good marketing design by keeping email messages clear, simple and concise. An added benefit of this practice are emails that are easily opened at any internet speed. 

All in all:

Email marketing is highly effective when matched with effective planning.