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Google Analytics Consulting
First in Google Analytics
Clients have many choices with more than 50,000 recognized marketing agencies in the US.
Endai is one of only 66 GACPs in the US and is the #1 GACP selected by Google to serve the #1 market for optimizing financial return on investment through the Google Analytics software platform.
Website Optimization
Proven PlayBook Methodology
Adopt an integrated Acquisition, Conversion & Growth strategy so effective that 90% of clients renew. PlayBook is Endai's combination of proven Internet marketing strategy and advanced technology. Our disciplined methodology generates more leads, conversions and repeat sales for your marketing dollar. The proof? 9 out of 10 PlayBook clients renew their contracts each year.
MarketTraq Email Marketing Solutions
MarketTraq Email
Add "dynamic variable content" for up to 30% higher open rates, up to 50% more click-throughs. MarketTraq is Endai's proprietary email platform with the industry's most advanced dynamic variable content engine and user interface. Plus, as the only Email Service Provider that's also a GACP, we offer the unique ability to track post-click conversions through Google Analytics.

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Endai is a leading Internet Marketing Agency with special expertise in Google Analytics, Email
Marketing and a proven methodology for Customer Acquisition, Conversion and Growth.

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