Anyone familiar with the cartoonist Rube Goldberg will understand that the more complex does not always equal more effective. The same is true with email marketing.

The capabilities of web designers increase almost constantly as the broadband widths grow and information is shared with greater and greater speed. A brand considering email marketing as part of its marketing mix would naturally be tempted to use these capabilities to their fullest potential to reach consumers with its message.

However, this may lead to that message being garbled.

HTML email offers brands an incredible amount of possibilities when designing its message, but Internet Marketing Company Endai Worldwide offers these cautionary tips to ensure the recipients of that message receive it fully and as envisioned by the brand:

1. height and width for images must always be specified and have absolute urls to ensure maximum visual impact

2. 640 pixel width with important content above 300 pixel mark so the message will be received with only a quick glance

3. background images, padding and anything above the body tag may not reach every recipient as intended

4. keep message size under 100KB to ensure message will download quickly for recipients with slower internet connections

All in all:

When it comes to email marketing, less is sometimes a more effective means of message communication. Keep it simple.