For ten years we’ve been working with a variety of direct response internet marketing companies. One variable that has consistently separated the winners from the rest in terms of leads generated and sales produced has been the landing pages.

To believe that in this day and age direct and online marketers are still sending search marketing and display advertising traffic to a un-optimized or poorly optimized landing page is difficult. It’s even worse when it comes to email marketing to a house list –which is perceived as “free” which leads to even less attention to the quality of the page clickers land on.

First a few pointers to the vast “unwashed” small businesses out there that are spending on search engine marketing traffic to an poorly or unoptimized homepage of their website.

  • Align landing pages with your ads.. underpromise and over deliver!
  • Answer the golden question… who cares?
  • Engage your prospect.
  • Be straightforward.