When Google Analytics added multi-channel funnel reports, it gave marketers insight into the true conversion paths of their customers, not just the last click. Today, the Google Analytics team announced that they will be making a multi-channel attribution tool available in Google Analytics. This will allow advertisers to see a more accurate picture of the return on their advertising spend. Some of the features announced include:

1. Applying different attribution models
GA will let you see the value of each advertising medium based on different weights that can be assigned to each interaction. For example, simple attribution models will distribute even weighting to each interaction in the conversion path.

2. Importing cost data
By making it possible to import advertising cost data into Google Analytics, users will be able to calculate ROI within the Google Analytics interface, making it easier to analyze the return on your advertising spend and its impact on your bottom line. AdWords data will be automatically imported, and there will be an option to import cost data from other data sources.

Some additional features were also announced, which focus on easier reporting and management of marketing channels:

1. Streamlining of Traffic Source reporting
Instead of separate Traffic Source and Advertising source reports, they will streamline them into one “Acquisition Source” report, with the ability to create custom groupings of traffic channels (for example, a grouping for all branded search terms).

2. Campaign Management
This feature will allow companies to manage and tag advertising campaigns within the Google Analytics interface, and will also generate a shortened URL for each campaign.

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