Whenever the economy takes a slide, the marketing department of a given brand is one of the first to face a budget cut. How to maintain marketing effectiveness in the midst of a budget cut is one of the primary challenges of a brand’s marketing arm. During the current economic downturn, the answer can come from anInternet Marketing Company in three forms: paid search marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing.
Paid search marketing is a cost effective means of maintaining or increasing marketing effectiveness while confronting a budget cut. Paid search is measurable in nearly real time, providing a brand’s marketing department with the ability to constantly adapt and adjust keywords in an ever changing marketplace. Paid search has also proven effective in reaching potential consumers with an “intent to purchase.” That segment uses the most specific keywords.
What is surprising, according to an Internet Retailer survey, is that almost half of retailers surveyed are placing the emphasis on search engine optimization over paid search marketing.  
SEO takes more time and effort from a brand for effectiveness compared to paid search. However, while SEO is not as adaptable as paid search, its results are longer lasting as they remain long after the brand has ended spending. Time, instead of money, is the greatest investment of effective SEO.
Email marketing, depending on the brand, is possibly the most effective means of maintaining revenue during an economic downturn. Email marketing, by its very nature, engages potential customers who have already expressed interest in a given brand’s product or service. This greatly reduces the amount of “waste”.
All in all:
When marketing resources are scarce, the internet offers three cost effective avenues to reach potential customers.