It’s that time of the year again – the annual Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit! This year, the theme of the Summit is Data in Action. One of many new product announcements made at the Summit includes a new Enhanced Ecommerce Beta. This is complete revamping of how Google measures ecommerce.

Businesses can now gain clear insights into new important metrics about shopper behavior and conversion including:

  1. Product detail views
  2. ‘Add to cart’ actions
  3. Internal campaign clicks
  4. The success of internal and external merchandising/marketing efforts such as coupons and promotions
  5. The checkout process
  6. Purchase

Merchants will now be able to understand how shoppers progress in the buying process and where they are dropping out of the sales funnel.



In addition with the release of the product data import feature, the amount of data that is pushed in through the Google Tag Manager (GTM) datalayer can be reduced, in fact, only the Product ID needs to be pushed. Google will automatically match the Product ID up with the uploaded product data in Google Analytics (GA) Reporting.