What is GACPDS you ask?  It’s bad stuff and its going around the business community.  There are a couple of symptoms that are easily noticed including:

– Head scratching while viewing web analytics
– Violent jerking when speaking to your web development team
– Uncontrollable outbursts of obscenities when discussing web traffic and behavior on your website.

Do not despair.  There is a cure.

With the creation of Google Analytics, Google changed the web analytics game.. no surprise that Google changed the game.  Additionally, with it’s low price point (FREE), it makes enterprise level analytics available to any company with a website.

One problem- to extract real value from Google Analytics, you cannot just look at monthly reports and “read the news”.  You have to get to a place where you are analyzing multiple data points, creating benchmarks, optimizing pages/campaigns, creating new benchmarks, optimizing pages/campaigns, etc, etc, etc.

Most companies do not have the experience or in house talent to execute the above well, and executing well is the only way to win- it is the only option.

Enter the GACPs– Google Analytics Certified Partners.  Extremely knowledgable, highly competant organizations that understand predictive analytics, consumer behavior and optimization of website to increase the yeild for any organization.