Across the country, those in the media business have watched the downward spiral of the daily newspaper. The abundance of new media information sources and consequential fracturing of audiences have thrown the once over-breakfast standard into a painfully slow decline.

Newspaper itself had a hand in its demise. Many published content free online with undervalued display ads pitched as an “added-value” bonus for print advertisers. Now it sees its print subscription and circulation numbers plummeting and fewer advertisers willing to pay the higher rates for large ads and color in today’s slow economy.

Enter email marketing to the rescue.

The direct-to-consumer aspect of email marketing places embedded ads at a premium compared to online display advertising, while the increased interactive aspect and measurability of online advertising increases the value for the advertisers compared to print.

A newspaper can publish the same content from print and the web, in a condensed hyperlinked headline form, to a known list of “online subscribers”. A good way to build this database of online subscribers is to have free membership to a paper’s website through which reader data is collected. If newspapers can build a large enough database of readers and appropriately value the ad space provided, it should be able to create enough revenue to remain solvent. AnInternet Marketing Company, such as Endai Worldwide, can facilitate and automate email marketing.

The daily, local information provided by newspaper is not obsolete the way newspaper provides that information is.

All in all:

Businesses must be able to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and be open to incorporating new opportunities available with the new media.