The promise of email as a vehicle to develop customer and prospective customer relationships has long been appreciated by Internet marketing professionals and rookies alike. However it’s all too often the case that both the very experienced, and the less tenured online marketers have short changed the value of their email marketing.

One of the biggest reasons is that marketers just dont have the time, and in many cases perceive that the list just isn’t big enough to have enough benefits to warrant the time it takes to create and manage a true dialog with the consumer.

Today, Endai Labs (our research and development group) released the M-Streams™ API feature to create and manage unique “one to one” email dialogs with customers and prospects. M-Streamsv allows marketers to set up “streams” of emails that flow in a sequence and at staggered timing to an individual consumer and then trigger them at any time with a single API call from your website or application.

One beta client is using it for educating, and developing the need for other products over time. Subsequent to the first purchase, a next-most-likely product algorithm in their ERP system determines the optimal next product this consumer is likely to buy. Then the make a simple API call toMarketTraq•Email™ via the M-Connect™ API. This causes a “timer” to kick off on the series of emails that begins to inform, educate and ultimately sell to the consumer.

The result a 195% improvement in conversion over the email “hard sell” approach alone.

Given this process is entirely automated and triggered by inter-application communications (not people) the upsales method is constantly being leveraged in a unique, personalized manner across millions of consumers every day. One step closer to the promise of all marketing emails being well planed, and strategic communications with a purpose.

If you want to learn more about M-Streams™ call one of our email marketing software product specialists at 877-22-EMAIL, we’re happy to show you how it works, and share experiences and ideas that can help you improve your email marketing success.