I get a lot of inquiries from prospects and clients who are looking to grow their database.  These companies have made conscious effort and are willing to invest in acquiring new email addresses.  However, the process usually stops there.  My question to you is; now that you have the email address what are you going to do with it?  How do you convert that “hand raiser” to a purchaser?

The answer is that these email leads need to be nurtured though conversion.  I would advise that you leverage technology to do all the heavy lifting.  Otherwise, managing this manually will become cumbersome, slow and will ultimately fail.  Enterprise level Email Service Providers, such as MarketTraq Email are equipped with functionality such as M-Streams that automatically send a predefined number of email communications until the recipient takes the desired action of economic value.

This stream of communication is your vehicle to nurture that email lead through the conversion process.  According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, using automated triggered emails improved conversion rates by 158%.

Most trigger email series are based on behaviors that are present. However, an overlooked aspect is taking the next action based on the absence of a behavior.  For example, if an email is not opened sending a follow up email 3 days later with a new subject line.

Remember; don’t stop after you get the email address.  That email address only becomes valuable when they take your action of economic value.