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10% Increase in Homepage to Store Visits Results in a 30% Increase in Conversion Rates

Impeding changes

In the fall of 2009, Steris turned to Endai Worldwide to help them break through existing barriers and become a world class online and email marketing company. They had goals; to garner additional market share through smart, results oriented digital marketing as well as to convert traditional customers to online through the different facets of PlayBook.

Endai started with a 30 day baseline report of the data and plowed through the data from the previous month, observing that Steris had 56,521 visits to their homepage, however only 13% of visitors accessed the store from the homepage, which is where all of the actions of economic value were.

Focusing on gaps

Endai leveraged experience and focused on consumer behavior and patterns of site navigation. The homepage was not very effective in directing visitors to the store from the consumer perspective. Deeper insight into the data pointed to the fact that this was a problem in design that led to poor navigation and usability.


  • Add a ‘SHOP NOW’ button to the homepage to create visibility for the call to action.
  • Use icons and the text in the navigation to increase click thru to the store and dismiss confusion
  • Add buttons to the central navigation panel at the top of the page, increasing the places on the site from which the consumer could access the store.

Reaching for the numbers

The goal of this experiment was to increase traffic flow from the homepage to the store. The benchmark from the first 30 days was that the homepage had a 13.88% post click conversion rate with 1,080 conversions, which translated into $769,949.62 of revenue for Steris per month. Helping visitors get to the place of economic value faster, increases the chances of them clicking through the pages. Optimizing the navigation of the homepage was estimated to increase the traffic to the store from the site by 15%. This meant 1,200 sales and a total projected revenue of $855,504 per month.

Seeing breakthroughs

With the use of Google Analytics, Endai succeeds in identifying the issue, tracking the changes, and relishing in the results. 30 days after the implementation of the marketing experiment, Steris saw the expected spike in traffic. In those 30 days, Steris had 68,186 visits to the site, which is 14,578 more visits than in the prior month. 33% of visitors clicked on the new features of the navigation through to the store, which accounted for a 20% increase in traffic. In turn, this 20% increase in traffic, almost doubled the conversion rate.

Endai had estimated to increase the total revenue for Steris to $855,504. The experiment resulted in an increase of revenue to a total of $1,281,338 of which 5% was driven by the marketing experiment. A consistent result such as this over the next 12 months would result in total revenue of $15,376,056 for Steris, which is $6,136,668 more per year. Endai was able to increase Steris Corporation’s conversion rates by 30% with Experience, Site Optimization and Google Analytics.


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