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Implementing a 100% Custom Google Analytics Solution in Just 30 Days

Custom Google Analytics Implementation for previously had attempted to implement Omniture, one of the industry’s most complex web analytics solutions but found it to be completely unmanageable given the size and depth of the website. More interested in insights than endless coding, approached Endai with a request to implement Google Analytics instead, in a fraction of the time.

Endai worked with to identify exactly what their web analytics needs were and what type of questions they needed answers from through reporting and analysis. Based on this conversation, we identified that needed a feature Google Analytics couldn’t currently support out of the box. We developed a custom solution that integrated with Google Analytics to ensure had the reporting and business segmentation they required to effectively manage their website.

Endai was able to implement Google Analytics, including the development, production and QA of a 100% custom solution within 30 days – a fraction of what it took to get half as far with Omniture. Additionally, Endai was able to exceed the benchmark set by the previous tool within the first 31 days of the project.


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