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Struggling to communicate

With a plethora of service offerings and a large database of clients, Columbia Credit Union was facing issues communicating their services and managing their client relationships with their existing email marketing program. With a heavily familial customer base, they were running into difficulty differentiating accounts and messaging for family members who were using the same email address for different accounts.

Columbia Credit Union was stymied on sending personal account information to multiple recipients, targeting customers with personalized messaging and communicating relevant services to appropriate members – an issue that could present legal repercussions. The internal marketing technology they were using wasn’t geared for highly customized messaging that differentiated accounts by email as well as by individual. The decision was to employ an email marketing agency that would help them solve this problem. However, no agency they came across had the software to cater to their request, including Endai Worldwide.


Taking the road less traveled

The easy solution was to say “sorry, we don’t have those software capabilities either”, the harder solution was to build a customized solution for Columbia Credit Union. Endai decided to cater to the client need and design a custom feature in Endai’s MarketTraq Email Marketing Software that the client could license from Endai.

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Awarding Effectiveness

Endai was able to provide Columbia Credit Union with a custom feature, integrating Endai MarketTraq Email Software without doing custom software redesign of their internal technology from scratch. This saved them time, money, kept their customer satisfaction ratings up and gave them a solution that would last a lifetime. Columbia Credit is still using MarketTraq 4 years later and they even won the 2007 CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council’s Diamond Award for email marketing for companies with assets of $500M-$1Billion while using it.


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