Recently, Yahoo announced that they have released Version 10.1 of Yahoo Web Analytics. A major component of this new version are enhancements to segmentation and report filtering functionalities, which are important when using web analytics data to determine the behaviors of those customers and website visitors that are most valuable to your organization. Below is a summary of the updated features:


Feature Description
Audience Definition Enhanced segmentation capabilities including expanded variety of group and metric parameters and ability to export segments to partner exchanges.
Segment Types The application of segments to varying scopes of activity has been enhanced to include manipulation at both the global and line item levels via the Visitors, Visits and Tracked Events segment types.
Enhanced Report Filtering Improved user interface design, organizing filtering controls directly over tabular report data.
Legacy Yahoo! Categories & Properties Due to a change in IDs (and how we capture them) for Y! Interest Groups and Y! Properties of Interest, we will have a transition period where both “old” and “new” interest categories will be available. You will need to follow a few guidelines when using these interest categories.


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