The latest numbers from Google show that Hospitals, Doctors and Research Facilities show no sign of slowing their use of Search Engines for research and purchases of medical equipment.   2011 Q1 Healthcare search volume topped 25 million. This suggests that today, more than ever,  end users of Healthcare products are starting their buying process the same way that many of us decide on which car we buy or vacation we take.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise.  While doctors,  IDNs and hospital purchasing agents buy products through traditional distribution channels,  they research products for their businesses the same way they research products and services for their personal lives.

Over the last 3 years, we have developed a specific solution that has placed our clients in front of this large volume of search traffic.  Our Healthcare clients very quickly realized that these were not “junk” searches.  In many cases,  this search traffic was being performed by decision makers within institutions and organizations that our clients’ sales  teams  were not calling on.  The new traffic, leads and sales were truly “new”  because these companies were not buying from our clients in the past.  New  revenue through an efficient selling model produced higher margin and an increase in market share.