Leverage your brand name with Yahoo’s Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) served on both Search.Yahoo.com and Bing.com. Currently, RAIS are only available using exact match, exclusively for brand terms. These ads appear in the first position only at the top of the SERP above organic search results so you can take full advantage of the available real estate. Rich ads displace the standard text ads on the right, meaning, since the rich ad is the only ad displaying in mainline position, all other ads that would normally show up in mainline position would move to right rail placement. What’s more, Google currently does not have a similar offering to own the space above organic search.

Rich ad campaigns are also managed in AdCenter with the rest of your paid search campaigns. They offer a variety of features including additional links, images, videos, icons, form fields and product information, all which can be used to further enhance your ad and increase engagement with your brand. Additionally, multiple ad formats are available, including links and image, form and image (useful to submit a zip code to target by geographic location), links and video, form and video, and even a unique pharmaceutical format in which there is no image option. Another benefit to using the form field is the ability to create customized landing pages targeted to specific locations, such as a store or location in that area, based on a specified data field entered by a user, and the ability to collect data about users.

So far, rich ads in search average a click-through-rate (CTR) of 30-35%, which is 40-50% higher when compared to a standard text ad. If the ad is compelling enough, the cost-per-click (CPC) may actually be cheaper than the text ad. Ultimately, the CPC is based on the marketplace and the quality of the ad. It is also important to remember that text ads and rich ads in search are bid on separately.
Below are two case studies that exemplify the possibilities of RAIS and the success they have had for Rosetta Stone and GNC.

Case Studies
Rosetta Stone experienced a 400% CTR improvement over the company’s previous best-performing campaign. This was a higher return than any other channel the company used.
GNC successfully achieved a 700% increase in CTR for the brand, as CTR soared to 40%.


Rich Ads in Search with video thumbnail:



Rich Ads in Search when a video is clicked: