Truth: A vast majority of your website visitors won’t convert, or won’t take some action of economic value on your site.
False: These are lost leads or lost customers.

The answer–remarketing.

Google Analytics Remarketing allows you to re-target to the right visitors, at the right time, with the right message, after they’ve visited your website. And the remarketing list combinations in GA are limitless.

What pages did they view and how engaged were they? What specific products did they view but didn’t purchase? Are customers purchasing only certain types of products which may present cross-sell or up-sell opportunities? Are certain products with higher margins not being purchased which may present an opportunity to offer a richer incentive to prospects?

All these questions represent unique opportunities to set up remarketing lists and deliver relevant, targeted ads to customized lists of audiences.

Below are a few best practices to consider when setting up your remarketing campaigns:

1) Use the All Visitors List–if you’re targeting only 10% of your list, what about the remaining 90%? Be sure that your efforts are material, not just targeting the right audiences.

2) Segment Your Visitors. Set up custom lists that are appropriately segmented to your audiences, so that they receive targeted and relevant ads. If widget A is sold, does that audience that converted and purchased widget A present a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity?

3) Be sure to activate your list! Just because your list is set up in Google Analytics doesn’t mean it’s being used and it’s activated.

For more help with remarketing or any other Google Analytics features, please contact your Account Manager at Endai Worldwide.