The main goal of Google Analytics Consulting is to provide its users meaningful data. The idea is that once users have that data in front of them, they can use it to make more informed decisions. Goals unique to each business that use a Google Analytics Consulting service are factored in to each account. This provides easy access to performance data and builds confidence when it comes to making online marketing decisions. The right Google Analytics Consulting program will result in increased online revenues.

Google Analytics Consultants offer comprehensive analytics consulting in the areas of strategy, implementation, optimization and training. Your company can gain valuable insights through Google Analytics, but in order to take full advantage of the software, companies should seek the services of a certified consultant. Sometimes companies require more in depth analysis to ensure the integrity and accuracy of implementation. A Google Analytics Audit is often the solution. The audit will determine if your company is tracking its Return on Investment and Performance Metrics properly.

A Google Analytics Audit will ensure the integrity, specificity and accuracy of site performance data. The data your company uses to make decisions may not be the best possible representation of your website’s performance. The Google Analytics Audit was created to be absolutely certain you have meaningful and actionable data. Once this data is available, it can be used to continuously improve your website and online marketing. The way an audit works is a Google Analytics Consultant is presented with a company’s objectives, they perform a diagnosis of the company’s account, evaluate its tracking needs and provide a detailed recommendation. From there, Google Analytics Consultants will assist you through the implementation process of your advanced tracking setup.

A Google Analytics Audit includes goal discovery, technical documentation, custom reports, segmentation and a post implementation audit. Once your goals are defined, your account is analyzed and changes are documented in a comprehensive JavaScript and Code Installation Document. That document will be crucial in terms of ensuring a successful implementation. Once tracking is finalized, advanced segments are developed to isolate specific subsets of traffic. In addition, custom reports are created that allow users to view data more efficiently. Meaningful data, viewed more efficiently will result in a more functional website from the perspective of both customer and company.