Think about it, how do you send your friend an article that really interested you?  Probably by email or as a post on their wall, right?

Email complements most marketing tactics perfectly, whether it is to acquire, retain or convert prospects.  Email has the ability to mass target but also to segment, to deliver fresh content but also to deliver engagement and most importantly it is an opt-in vehicle.  Social networks are opt-in too, which is why they are so potent, to get the content you either have to follow, fan or friend the content source.  This is not like lay back and be served display or tv ads, both email and social pages are telling you to go find what you are looking for or requested to know about.

Sure while you may choose to post a quick note on someone’s wall or send a text versus an email, from a business stand point when are you ever going to send a receipt or a transactional post?  Never, not now at least.  Which is why email and social networking should be used to relay the same content using different methods – keep business and pleasure apart but adjoined.

Point 1 is your company should have a presence in both spheres, email and social networking.
Point 2 is that they should be integrated and work together to serve the same content and drive to your main goals, but in different ways.  Your social network channels have much more brand freedom than your emails do, it is important to use them to get people to trust you brand more and be more prone to opening your emails.
Point 3 is you should track the correlation between email and social networks and how they play off each other to affect your goals.  You can read up on another blog article about setting goals in GA to figure this one out.
Point 4 is that there should always be a way for your clients to get emails if they join your social network and a way for them to get to your social networks from your emails (think Facebook sign up form or twitter logo button in an email)

Here are some of the ways that social networks can benefit your email marketing program:

1. Widens the span of the email content market – lets the content traverse paths unknown

2. Increases public awareness that you company exists and also has the power to build a strong reputation and understanding of your brand

3. Increases the ROI of email marketing programs

4. Grows your mailing lists

5. Generates more qualified leads because clients from social networks are “pre-qualified” to know and like your brand

If you have any questions on getting started with your email marketing and social networking initiatives, let us know using the form on the right.