The art and science of asking effective questions is critical to helping companies succeed. The questions that your online marketing company asks of you and themselves largely determines the quality and results of a client/agency engagement.

Effective questions are ones that lead to a desired outcome or result, which should always be to help a client succeed. To evaluate the effectiveness of the questions being asked of you by your online marketing company, you can ask yourself:

Will this question or set of questions elicit answers that:

– Define what success means to you (the client).
– Share specific information or data that go to the heart of your issues and needs.
– Clarify what matters most to you.
– Reveal who/what is being affected by the problem or opportunity.
– Establish the process- what, when, who and how.
– Magnify possibilities for innovative solutions.

Effective questions uncover issues, evidence, impact, context and constraints in an efficient manner. This process allows internet marketing companies to understand the the entire problem or opportunity before proposing a solution.

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