One of the main benefits, but also downsides of Google Analytics, is just how much data is collected.  You have the ability to find the answers to the majority of your questions about your website and its visitors by using this tool.  Find being the operative word unfortunately.  Try asking a member of your company that isn’t intimately familiar with GA to quickly get a certain metric for an upcoming meeting.  If you have either asked, or been asked this question you can understand the problem.

Learning how to use GA effectively takes time and practice, which most of us do not have.

The most valuable implementations that I have taken part in this year have all included creating custom dashboards for different groups within the Client’s companies.  Each of your departments will have a certain set of numbers that are important to them on an on-going basis.  To begin, have them list those items and then add each corresponding report to a dashboard for them.  (Have everyone from each department log in with a common account ie: so that they will be able to view their respective dashboards.)

Once you have the dashboards completed you can also set them up to email out daily, weekly, or monthly to all the people in that department.

Imagine the time saved and value when the correct data points are at the fingertips of the correct people when they need it most!