Search, analytics and email have all played enormous roles in revolutionizing the e-commerce business over the last 10 years. Online retailers have especially benefited from the influx of search traffic and the rise and continued dominance of email, since both of these channels create lucrative opportunities for marketing and sales.

Havaianas, the international flip-flop phenomenon, has been using email as a marketing tool since the launch of their website in 2007. The footwear company was initially looking to increase conversion and engagement, but they quickly saw an opportunity to use email and analytics to decrease website drop-off and improve overall shopping cart abandonment.

Their hard work has paid off and the results have been staggering: email is now the #3 revenue driver for Havaianas sales in the U.S. Not only that, website conversion rates have improved significantly with a stronger focus on analytics and site optimization and shopping cart abandonment rates have dropped significantly, meaning increased online sales from shoppers who had previously neglected to checkout. Alison Marsh, Associate e-Commerce Manager at Havaianas explains how Endai’s analytics and email marketing strategies played a strong role in improving conversions and increasing revenues. “We implemented Site Preserver ™  for shopping cart abandonment four months ago. The return has been pretty great. Now we have a much higher conversion rate for those subscribers who abandon and click on the cart reminder email. Plus, those emails have higher engagement (through open rates and click throughs).”

Site Preserver ™ has been key in helping decrease cart abandonment since many times customers need additional time to think about a purchase and sending reminder email to customers can help incentivize the checkout process. “Email has definitely improved the e-commerce experience. It’s a window into the brand because of the brand imagery. It keeps you on top of mind.”

Aside from Havaianas’ success with shopping carts and increased conversions, web and email analytics have played a huge role in the brand’s ability to increase revenue through online channels. Determining how your customer is responding to your message and then using that information to target them is key. “It’s really important to use analytics, create segments, and test emails. For instance, for AB subject line testing, we use Endai’s proprietary email service provider, MarketTraq™ and its Test and Roll™ technology to send out emails with two different subject lines. Test and Roll™ automatically sees which one is performing better and switches the remainder of the list to the higher performing subject line.”

This type of insight into a subscriber or website visitor’s previous behaviors and marketing preferences can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line by better segmenting users and delivering offers that are tailored to each subscriber’s personal interests.

“AB testing and experimentation on the website has definitely helped conversion, and we’ve implemented an email capture popup on the site that’s doubled our email capture. Endai has been very proactive in their partnership with us. Whenever we have ideas for implementation, they never hesitate to research it and get it done. “