Google Analytics will be rolling out a more user friendly drag and drop feature for enhanced segmentation. Now you can easily utilize a brand new segmentation tool to make insights with your data in Google Analytics. Drag and drop multiple segments at once and let the data roll. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Trusted Tester, we have had the opportunity to test this tool for the past several months, and it is a welcome upgrade from the existing Advanced Segment feature.

Couple this with a brand new integration of demographic data and you have an entirely new set of insights that are increasingly powerful. The new Audience Data and Reporting available in Google Analytics will provide dedicated audience reporting and a powerful picture of the demographics of your users. This includes demographics such as age range, gender and a huge list of interests that your users have, based on the Google Display Network (GDN).

But it doesn’t end there–this reporting is available throughout GA–not just through a single, specific report.

Make informed decisions based on your users’ behaviors, and their demographics. Know what your users are doing, and who they are.