We Are Driven to Deliver More Through The Intelligent Applications of Customer Data, Our Analytics Framework and Tools

More Qualified Traffic, More Conversions, More Sales, and More Value from Your Marketing Investment.

Our Google Analytics Solutions Include:

Web Analytics Strategy

Google Analytics Implementation & Setup

Conversion Rate Optimization

Google API Integration

Monetizing Non-Converting Visitors

Google Analytics Consulting

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Endai works closely with Google Analytics and Google, Inc. to consistently provide value to our customers.

We believe in Analysis, not reporting. We know a simple spreadsheet with numbers and graphs is never enough – that’s why we provide context, insights and clear next steps in all our deliverables.

A graph of visits to your website from Social Media websites itself may provide you with an overview, but it doesn’t give you actionable insights you can use to shape your business. At Endai, we ask ourselves questions like: “Are social media visits more or less qualified than average?”, “Are there certain trends consistent with high value visits?”, “What steps can we take to ensure the website resonates better with these types of visitors?”.

Data by itself means nothing if it cannot effect change – that’s why we have monthly or quarterly Silver Bullet Presentations with all our clients. We review the data with our clients to ensure our top-level insights can answer or solve crucial business questions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Organic search can deliver new customers at a very attractive cost. Search engine optimization can not only help increase the amount of traffic to your website, but it can also help improve the quality of the traffic as well. While many companies offering SEO services focus solely on increasing the placement, or rank, of a website within organic search results and reporting on those numbers, Endai places emphasis on analyzing clients’ organic search traffic to ensure that not only are we gaining insights in order to implement tactics that help a website climb in rank, we also strive to drive quality traffic to those websites and get measurable results for our clients.


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Our SEO Solutions Include:

SEO Audit & Setup

Ongoing Search Optimization

SEO Strategy

SEO Performance Optimization

Our PPC Solutions Include:

SEM Setup

SEM Yield/ROI Optimization

SEM Performance Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

A great deal of confusion exists about search engine marketing. While everyone hopes for a high ranking, it’s important to know the value of such a ranking. This applies to organic search and paid search. For certain companies, high search engine placement is essential. For others, it may not be worth the trouble.

Using our tested, methodical approach, Endai helps clients determine the value of first page placement and paid search spend. Once you know the value of search engine placement, you virtually eliminate the probability of wandering in the wrong direction. A smart search strategy is part of Endai PlayBook, but that strategy may differ from business to business.

Some clients simply want a high search engine ranking, even if it does not make sense to their bottom line. Fair enough. In these cases, our 40 years of collective Search Engine Marketing experience have shown us that those relationships don’t last very long. Because of that, we typically don’t work with those companies. Because we take a studied approach to our client’s online opportunities, most of the companies that we work with have been clients for many years, and that’s how we like it.

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 Email Marketing & Strategy

Our Guarantee: We Will Increase Your Email Revenue by 20%.


Using MarketTraq and Google Analytics, we send the right email, to the right customer, at the right time–every time, and it’s fully automated. While segmentation is great for increased responses, the holy grail of marketing is true one-on-one communication–delivered simultaneously to millions. MarketTraq’s M-Blocks technology makes that kind of mass customization not only possible, but simple, efficient, and automated.


Campaigns that use dynamic variable content can see an increase of up to 30% in open rates and 50% in click-through rates.


MarketTraq’s M-Blocks allows you to dynamically generate millions of totally unique email messages, while you still only deploy a single email drop.

Coupled with website data, M-Blocks delivers highly effective, targeted email messages every time. Dynamically change any image, copy, headline, or formatting–potentially for every single subscriber in your email campaign using unique data–who they are, what they bought and where they live and work. 

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Dynamically Create Multiple Email Campaigns for List Segments
Increase Open & Click Through Rates With Dynamic Variable Content

Our Customer Intelligence Solutions Include:

Most Valuable Buyer Analysis

Buyer Lifecycle


Search Term Value

Seamless Marketing Integration

 Customer Intelligence

Marketers pressed for time, and short on resources need help identifying strategic uses of their data. Custom analysis often is slow and prohibitively expensive.

Customer Intelligence gives the marketer the insights to not only develop stronger existing customer relationships, but target and acquire new customers that are proven to spend the way their most valuable customer does today. If it’s not actionable for your business to grow incremental and new revenue now, and over time, it’s not Customer Intelligence.

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Use Our PlayBook to Win the B2B Marketing Game

As a full service Internet Marketing Company Endai understands the importance of identifying opportunities to efficiently acquire prospects, convert them to new customers and keep them buying for many years. We do this through our proprietary online and email marketing methodology- PlayBook. Our clients know that working from a proven PlayBook produces measurable, expected results when compared to hope, guessing and winging it.

B2B Internet Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

B2B Internet Marketing Tools

B2B Email Marketing Strategy


Market Research & Analysis

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Web Analytics Strategy

Our Database Marketing Solutions Include:

Cloud-Based Platform

Point and Click Segmentation

Customer Value Optimization

Model-Ready Database

Database Marketing

Our Cloud-Based Marketing Database, BuyerGenomics, solves the problems that stifle marketers ability to both “see” and act on opportunities highlighted in their customer data. This is especially true when an organization’s data is not in a purpose specific marketing database with analytics capabilities.



Provides Marketers Unprecedented Speed, Dexterity, and Actionability. 


BuyerGenomics is purpose specific –it is made exclusively for marketers and to create a marketing competitive advantage. Where “IT” databases store and “warehouse” data for many purposes and functions, our Database is singularly focused.  It can fundamentally provide marketers with fast access to the right information, effortless to view an opportunity from many angles, and makes taking action on the target not only possible –but easy.

The nature of the opportunities BuyerGenomics uncovers are both those that seem intuitive, and those that require some data mining to expose them. BuyerGenomics simplifies the challenge of “leveraging data” with a simple to use interface, eliminating the necessary complexity of database optimization, querying, data enhancement and modeling from the marketing user-experience.

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