So many businesses are struggling to transition into a remote workforce overnight. With a proven plan, we know these transitions can be seamless.

There is a Remote Work PlayBook ―and it Works

As an early adopter of remote work technologies, Endai has built and refined a winning process to transition and manage highly effective virtual teams. In response to the need for all of us to “Get back to work”, we are offering our proven Remote Workforce Playbook to outside companies.

Here are some of the top challenges the Playbook solves…

What Technologies Work Best
(and those to avoid)

From software to hardware (even Bandwidth testing) we have the answers. We even show ways to manage or eliminate costs on hardware like “Scanners”

A Complete Transition Plan
(wheather permanent of temporary)

Systems for transitioning from “paper” to “pixels” (from time-off request forms all the way to million dollar e-signature agreements)

HR Policies
(and best practices you don’t want to learn the hard way)

Comprehensive  management process

  • Effective remote employees start with effective remote managers. The biggest mistake we see companies making is neglecting the retraining of management for how to get results form a decentralized workforce.
  • We cover key remote management techniques for Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Annual Rhythms.
  • Written policy and procedures that set employees up for an efficient day to day workflow.
  • Performance & productivity measurement approaches that work (and how they often differ from a physical office environment)
  • We even cover the “little things” that sometimes get lost, like celebrating birthdays 🎂 or special moments together as a team

We can help you move in-person meetings and conference to virtual. 

How to host Meetings (or large virtual events)

How to host a 1-10 person meeting

A 11-100 virtual event

Or even a 1000+ person live stream virtual conferences

91% increase in remote workers
in the last 5 years.  

We even proactively address challenges you won’t experience right away…

How does this change affect your organization’s brand and how will it be perceived by customers?

What updates to your recruiting process are needed to grow a virtual team?

Even if your transition is only temporary…

Covid-19 taught us all an important lesson about enterprise risk management. Having a Remote Workforce Playbook is an essential part of every Emergency Response Plan.

What does the PlayBook include?

  • Focused videos that walk you through every step of your transition.
  • Guides to help you through the entire remote office transition.
  • 60 days of Unlimited consulting by email with a Seasoned Remote Team Leader.
  • A strategy call to advise on company specific needs you might have.
  • 2x 30 min consulting meetings to help through any point of your transition 

Normal Price: $1,495

Get Back To Work Pricing: $995
(through September)

Learn how you can transition
your workforce today