A Pandemic, and Your a Remote Workforce 

In the wake of The Pandemic, businesses are struggling to transition to a remote workforce… overnight

But “working remotely” does not mean a high performance remote workforce. Without lead time few organizations could learn what the best remote workforces have learned over months and years.

Our Founders created and ran two organizations, with high performing remote workforces. Coming from an engineering background, every aspect of the remote work challenge was broken down into its component parts. Solutions were tested, refined and some were abandoned.

The result was a high performance remote workforce solution using an optimal combination of habits, process, software and culture that works remotely.

So successful, organizations kept asking for help with leveraging remote work forces, and then the Pandemic and the near nationwide shutdown stuck major population centers.

The Remote Work PlayBook Framework
The solution was refined again into a Proven Proprietary Methodology for making remote work –work for businesses, their employees and their customers.

As an early adopter of remote work technologies, Endai has built and refined a winning process to transition and manage highly effective virtual teams.

Remote Work, Start with the Bottom Line First

Remote Work should deliver a solid, measurable return on investment.

The PlayBook Framework for Remote Work increased net profit by 213% provided we could achieve three major goals

  1. Remove the cost of renting a commercial space in NYC ($150/sq. ft. )
  2. Maintain the  productivity of our professional team (remotely)
  3. Attract and Retain High Quality Resources

The Truth about Remote Working is, we made plenty of mistakes that took months to iron out, but we obsessively  tweaked and tested different tools, approaches and technologies,and processes –until we nailed it.

Within 12 months of our remote work experiment started, we felt it was working, but when we analyzed our data closer something amazing had happened…

Our initial goal was to maintain productivity, but the system was so effective that our productivity actually went up over 36% !!

Today You Must Do More with Less 

Remote Teams that learn and implement our Remote Work PlayBook are more productive. In response to the need for all of us to “Get back to work”, we have packaged our proven Remote Workforce PlayBook for all organizations to achieve the same capability.

We Created The PlayBook that Maximizes Remote Productivity (so you don’t have to).

Your Remote Work Experience Doesn’t
Likely End with The Pandemic 

Remote Work has been growing for years. While Europe is moving towards a 4 day week, US Firms have been providing the option to work from home 1, 2, 3, days a week or even full time.

To get the best people, the priority is to offer the environment for them to be most productive.

The best people have choices, and evermore, they are choosing opportunities that allow them to work part or full time from home. This can be a huge productivity boost for a number of reasons:

  1. Like with the pandemic, there are less sick days taken, when employees commute and take mass transit less often.
  2. Similarly, remote workers not commuting find it easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle, which includes more time to exercise, which in turn means less missed work days.
  3. More throughput –when a team member isn’t worrying about which bus or train to catch or when the traffic gets bad, they stay focused for longer. The Remote Work PlayBook Teams we help you build find they actually work much longer, and stopping work is the hard part. This while most organizations either abdicate remote worker productivity, or spend too much time worrying about it.


  • Nearly replicate the in office experience online.
  • Use a proven methodology to create alignment and accountability in every meeting. Have the type of engagement you miss most when working in an office.
  • Productivity Guarantee Boost