Endai in Internationalist Magazine

Digital Eavesdropping

Bad word-of-mouth can destroy the reputation of a company or its products. Blogging enable that to happen on a global scale. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that 57 millions adults (or 39 percent of the population) are blog readers. Do you want to know what bloggers are saying about your business? Now you can find out.

Endai Worldwide, an interactive marketing services company based in New York City, has introduced BlogTraqTM Brand Reputation Management and Services. BlogTraq searches the Web, scanning new blog posts and referencing them by company name, product name or any other combination of terms. Human language analysis reports to clients, in real time, if posts are endorsing the brand, are neutral, or include negative comments.

“Consumer-generated media is changing the global relationships consumers have with marketers,” Michael Ferranti, Endai’s CEO tells Internationalist. “Every consumer with an Internet connection has a voice. This phenomenon frightens some marketers but empowers others. Smart marketers identify opportunities and respond to potential threats while they are still in their formative stages, giving those marketers the edge they need in a fast-changing globalized marketplace.”

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