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The brand had a substantial “one-time buyer” problem. Too many guests were visiting once, and never came back, despite a great product and experience. Increasing purchase frequency, was accomplished by acquiring a markedly higher caliber customer. See how we did it.

Marriott thought they were “priced out” of paid search and other media formats, as they were struggling to achieve their target cost per acquisition. Endai reviewed their data and solved the acquisition problem implementing its PlayBook Framework Methodology for Customer Acquisition.

Confident in the outcome we would produce, Endai put ‘skin in the game’ risking our own margins to improve those of the customer, and outperformed every service partner previously used by a wide margin.

After trying multiple agencies, Hard Rock found paid search was producing a low ROI, and believed they could do better –but how?

Endai implemented its PlayBook Framework Methodology and implmented techinques including Search Typing and proprietary PlayBook Local Scorecards for every location, to identify previously missed, cost effective opportunities and capitalize on them. Endai ground down the CPA’s on these terms with a smart combination of Paid and Organic search –and stopped buying traffic that we ultimately ranked on, and focusing squeezing incremental value paid search through smarter conversion metrics and approaches. The results –they rocked.

We generate new diners for restaurants, that spend more, and become repeat guests.


Google changes constantly leaving about 85% of hospitality organizations with omissions, errors and missed opportunities. That is important because Google is where the guest go.


Your existing base of guests is hammered with emails & offers and loyalty doesn’t come easy with unlimited choices a click or a tap away. We solved this problem with 121 person years of hospitality experience and new technology that knows who to communicate with when, what to say and when to give them a break. Even now, there are tens of thousands of consumers looking for an experience and a reservation. 


Your concerned about COVID-19, so are we.  In 10 weeks or less the stores will be reopening.  What are you doing now to put butt in seats. Talk to us, because we have answers.

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