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Event/Party Equipment Rental Lead Generation

Endai has helped B2B sales organizations to acquire qualified leads and grow their businesses since 1999.

We are methodical in creating outcomes, and have the distinction of being the #1 Google Certified Partner in the largest market in North America.

We work carefully, to understand your goals, and tailor a solution to generate well-qualified leads, that work for you.

We generate well qualified leads for Event/Party Equipment Rental, that convert, and become relationships.

What You Can Expect from Us

1. You can expect to work with experienced professionals in lead generation, with knowledge of your category –and you can expect we will generate cost-effective leads. 

2. You’ll get a mix of small-mid sized businesses as well as large and global organizations like Google, IBM, and Marriott.

3. The Endai difference is that we know what a qualified lead looks like in businesses like yours –and implement new AI-based technology to filter out the junk. Because we know Event/Party Equipment Rental, we can eliminate waste before ever spending dollar one.

4. You can expect RFQ’s… larger businesses generally require at least 2 quotes. So your ability to not only establish the value of your rentals but to service them is important.

5. You can expect we can help sharpen your value proposition, and challenge you intellectually to engage leads and convert them better if you need it.

6. You can expect a good lead to close rate, and of course, not every lead becomes a customer. The percentage that become ongoing accounts, is highly linked to service post-sale.

7. You can expect a percentage of the new clients we bring you will continue to spend with you for their Event/Party Equipment Rental needs and grow in profitability substantially over time

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What Clients say about us

"Our leads came in relatively quickly, and the quality improved with constructive feedback from Endai. The team is really a pleasure to work with, and clearly experts in the niche."

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