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The key to data-driven marketing is the right Google Analytics configuration.

 Web Analytics Strategy

A web analytics strategy can only be successful if it mirrors an organization’s internal goals and key performance indicators. A large part of our web analytics strategy is continuous communication with clients to understand what they define as key measurements of success. Additionally, we work with clients at the beginning of our relationship and throughout to identify internal priorities and opportunities for improvement.

Our strategy when approaching web analytics is to work toward achieving a goal and leveraging internal best practices we have determined. Our web analytics strategy is completely dependent on the type of client we work with. For some clients, measuring content consumption is key, for others it is building as much customer insights intel as possible.

At Endai, a successful strategy is built around a long-term strategy we create by working closely with our clients.

GA Implementation & Setup

Endai believes the key to a successful web analytics implementation is that it is built with a key goal in mind. One of the most important parts of our implementation process is identifying measurable goals with clients. At times, this is a lot easier than it sounds. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate or prioritize goals in the context of web analytics but we believe this is one of the most crucial parts of the process and defines long-term success of a web analytics implementation.

A web analytics implementation is only as successful as the results it produces – that is why we spend a large time of the discovery process working with clients to determine what the most meaningful ways to measure goals are and how to produce data in a way that is meaningful, actionable and in alignment with their own organization.

Analytics Conversion Optimization

We see conversion optimization as an ever-evolving ongoing process. We believe there is always opportunities to increase conversion, traffic quality or obtain new insights that can improve the customer acquisition process. We also believe that it is an oversimplification to consider visits simply a conversion or a non-conversion. It is crucial to break down this limited categorization and find quality visitor trends that can be replicates across a larger audience. We create a web analytics framework that answers questions such as whether there are any secondary actions that may be of value, whether content consumption can aid or hinder a key goal and what usability elements would improve conversions.

A key component to our strategy of conversion optimization is testing, testing, testing. At Endai online testing and marketing experiments are always driven by data, not personal preferences. We don’t believe in “I think” – we work to empower our clients to “know” through data and measurable impact obtained from marketing experiments.

Google API Integration

If you use Google Analytics, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re fully integrated with Google at the API level — which means we’re exchanging performance data with Google dynamically, and in real time.  What this allows you to do is harness the power of Google Analytics, and MarketTraq Email, with no additional effort. If you don’t use GA, we’ll help you set it up for free. The results you’ll create with this capability and our support, are what most marketers only dream about.

Monetizing Non-Converting Visitors

Online marketing has the potential to deliver accurate ROI numbers and insights into every dollar spent, especially compared to traditional media. However, even online marketing cannot convert 100% of visitors. The consensus has been that if 90% of visitors do not convert on your website that is a lost opportunity that cannot be recaptured. We disagree.

As the only Email Service Provider (ESP) who is also a Google Analytics Partner, we have successfully debunked the myth above and used email as a successful vehicle of recapturing visitors generated by other online marketing efforts. We have successfully turned visitors who arrived to a website at a cost into converting, high value customers by leveraging the targeting and unique features of email.

We have also created an analytics tracking system called multi-touch tracking that allows us to track visitors who convert 30 days or more after arriving from a specific online medium. Yet we can even know if a combination of marketing mediums, messages and vehicles resulted in a sale, and determine at which point in the sales process these are the most successful and cost-effective.

Professional Analytics Training

The value of a web analytics solution is based on how effectively it can be used in an organization. Key to this ability is a staff that has an understanding and expertise in web analytics not only with regards to daily reporting needs but answering larger strategic questions for the organization.

Endai’s approach to professional web analytics training is based on building not only the skills necessary to use web analytics effectively, but instilling an understanding of how web analytics can be used to improve a business. Key to our approach is providing guidance on answering critical, high level questions such as which marketing mediums are most successful, what key visitor trends can be capitalized upon, and how to analyze conversion rate and website performance.

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