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Using Analytics Data to Reduce Funnel Abandonment by 10%


The Havaianas brand (like its’ country of origin, Brazil) is fun, easy and elegantly simple. Endai made sure their online marketing efforts mimicked the Havaianas spirit by ensuring that the checkout process was as fun and as painless as possible.

Havaianas determined that their site’s eCommerce conversion rate was lower than they expected based on previous year’s data. Havaianas reached out to Endai to help identify where the bottlenecks of the checkout process were and help prioritize several changes designed to improve overall conversion rate.


Endai took a close look at the Havaianas checkout process, and noticed that a large portion of visitors were dropping off on the final confirmation page. At this point of the process, those visitors had submitted shipping, billing and payment information and were one click away from completing the checkout process. This crucial insight identified a high priority, low hanging fruit.

By comparing the Havaianas checkout process to other eCommerce systems, Endai determined that the language of the last page may be contributing to this drop off. Phrasing such as “Order Summary” may have given shoppers the impression that the order was already completed, and that this was in fact the order receipt. By creating a custom multi-variate test that passed information from Google Website Optimizer to Google Analytics, Endai proceeded to measure overall form completion, average order value and total revenue generated beyond only total sales, in order to identify what language and which elements would decrease drop off and make the highest impact.


Endai determined that a combination of messaging including an “Order is Not Yet Complete” notice, as well as changing the call to action of buttons from “Continue” to “Place Order”, worked to reduce the overall drop off from the checkout process by 10%.

By adjusting the method in which Havaianas communicated their checkout process with customers, they were able to decrease shopping cart abandonment of the last page of the form by 10% and generated a positive conversion rate increase across all mediums. The net result of this marketing dilemma was $200,000 in additional revenue a year.


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