Usability Surges for Central Vermont Public Service

Visits to high value pages rise by 169%, increase client satisfaction.


One of the largest electricity distributors in Vermont, Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) approached Endai to plan, deploy and measure marketing experiments to improve the online experience for its customers. Core goals included increasing traffic to the more frequented pages and sections of the company’s website, such as the Outage information section, the subject of this case study.

Engagement History

As one of the region’s leading distributors of electricity, CVPS is passionate about its commitment to customer service. The public utility has had a consistently high customer satisfaction rating from J.D. Power & Associates.

CVPS recognized that without understanding customer behavior on their website, they would be unable to offer enhanced levels of customer service through the online medium. As such, CVPS developed an RFP for its web analytics services, and invited several Google Analytics Certified Partners to propose an effective web analytics solution. Among the various proposals received from leading providers, Endai’s customized solution for CVPS’s unique needs won the contract to provide Web Analytics Services for 2010.


Using Google Analytics, Endai created a solution for CVPS that allows the firm to leverage and act upon the behaviors and actions of visitors to their website. We developed a custom implementation that enhanced reporting capabilities and offered data segmentation leading to actionable next steps. The core goal for the engagement included increasing traffic to the more frequented sections of the site such as the Outage section.

Better Visibility for Outage Information

Leveraging visitor behavior data from the Google Analytics implementation, we deduced that the most common actions from the Outage page were directed towards the ‘Report Outage’ and ‘How We Make Repairs’ sections. Endai hypothesized that a higher degree of visibility for these most frequented links on the Outage page would produce a material increase in user traffic.

Based on the analysis, we recommended a multivariate marketing experiment to determine if the Click Through Rate for these links could be increased and thereby drive customer satisfaction.

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